Friday, 29 April 2011

Being a DJ is a COOL job, but also it`s tough WORK!

Many people asks me how that works and I have to say it`s the coolest and most creative job ever in which you really can express your soul. At the same time it`s a hard and never ending work... I live for DJing, that is really my passion, 24x7!

Being a DJ sounds first living for parties and fun, but is not only that. If you are a professional, you should treat that work as serious as if you would be in another job.

That involves many different skills from knowing music theory (if you are also a producer) to how to connect to the crowd, managing, promoting, and so on.

A complete DJ has the features of a musician, a show celebrity and an artist, all together. If you see David Guetta, for instance, he got famous because he had all those skills at the point that they were required....and then he improved all of them even further.

He is really an example of one possible model of how to get to the top. I appreciate his path and passion.

Miss Diamond

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