Wednesday, 18 May 2011

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Hi Party People!!

Today I had some time to write here, I was missing you, guys!

I`m really happy for knowing our work is recognized over the borders, I had the confirmation of a gig in a big festival in Faro Stadium, Portugal!! The place has capacity for 25.000 people, think on that!! Also the Indian tour is coming soon, so I will have the opportunity to visit and interact with this two amazing people – that is one of the advantages of being DJ! :-)

This is something I always try to do, make music in a worldwide way, people from everywhere can enjoy, in the end that is really important. We make the party for the crowd, and should be like that, with happiness, love and lots of fun!

I`m also very happy with the big number of confirmed participants on the Ministry of Sound DJ Academy – Swiss Edition, will be nice to see big names of the DJ World giving tips and helping the new generation getting better, and increasing skills, what reflects directly in the parties, they will be really boosted, believe me!

If you want to know more about the DJ Academy, visit

And let`s just have fun :-***

Miss Diamond DJ

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