Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new year from Quatar (Middle East)

Hello everyone,
Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve written for this blog… 

My world has been totally hectic.   So thank you, the Christmas holidays have come along and it brought me here in this state of mind to sit down and pull my thoughts together to write this blog entry.    It seemed like forever since I’ve done this, and I’m just starting to get my blog writing groove back.

Since we’re on the brink of welcoming the new year 2012, allow me please to start over…

As there are 12 Days of Christmas,  I’d like to share with you 12 Diamonds – these are 12 things about me.  Some may call it ‘trivia’, but I don’t think they’re trivial at all. These are about who I am – my essence, my being, my passion….

  1. I started out with a career as a fashion model.
  2. I went to law school at the university
  3. I became a lawyer and was in legal practice for several years
  4. DJ-ing for me started as a hobby
  5. My mentor and manager Dieter Dratwa, was a big influence for me to pursue DJ-ing professionally
  6. I’ve been a professional DJ since 2008
  7. I’m a music producer by day and a DJ by night, and compose songs in between.  Yeah, music is my life!
  8. My early gigs as a DJ were playing at friends’ birthday parties. My first professional gig was for a hotel in Lima, Peru
  9. I attended the Ministry of Sound DJ Academy UK. Out of 30 students, I was in the top 3 who represented the academy, which now branched out into Switzerland  
  10. I was voted the #1 female DJ on both and
  11. A music festival in Portugal was named after me, it’s called The Diamond Summer Festival
  12. “Get The Party Started” by Pink is my ‘signature song’.  I made an electro-version of  it.  I have to play this song in my gigs, people ask for it

So there you have it – my 12 genuine diamonds that I share to you, and I’d like to thank you, my fans, for giving me  the chance to shine and sparkle.  I would like to say thanks for all  your support -- you’re all amazing!

Cheers to 2012, and yeah, I’m always here to get the party started!   

P.S. enjoy the pictures and video of my new years in Doha, Middle East on my homepage: www.Miss-Diamond.DJ posted soon J

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