Friday, 27 January 2012

Even DJ’s Have Day Jobs... Pay Attention and Listen to this DJ Teacher

Yes, I’m a DJ by night, but I too, just like ordinary people, have a day job – I’m a teacher, a DJ teacher.  Well, DJ-ing is a big passion for me.  An overflowing love for my craft has led me to this calling, that is, to share my knowledge, experience, and give encouragement and inspiration, to those who want to pursue DJ-ing as a career or even as a hobby.

I too, was once a student DJ.  Back in 2009, I studied at the London’s Ministry of Sound DJ Academy.  I learned so much about DJ-ing techniques, but more importantly, I learned about professionalism.  I don’t mean to brag, yet may I just relate that out of 25 students, I was one of the top 3 student DJs  invited by the DJ Academy to play in an event of over 3,000 people with none other than world renowned DJ Eric Morillo in the house!  It was a pretty overwhelming experience for me as a ‘beginner’ DJ, yet this experience toughened me up.  It gave me the confidence to pursue and the drive to always strive for excellence.  Then one thing led to another... I was also entrusted by the Ministry of Sound to host the DJ Academy here in Switzerland.  This workshop flies-in the best DJ instructors from the UK.  If you want to experience this learning opportunity, plus the chance to get a booking in the Ministry Club in London, regularly check out my website for announcements regarding class workshop schedules.

So what does it mean for me to be a teacher?  I have to take back my statement earlier – I don’t consider being a DJ teacher a job.  It’s a fun time for me; I don’t feel like working at all!  I love the learning exchange process.  I teach my students, and I learn so much from them as well.  Whenever I give them tasks, it’s such a source of wonder for me to see them develop new ideas, new methods, and really cull-in from their creative energies and produce amazing pieces of work.  As a teacher, I have all the professional equipment needed to give them a simulation of a real club.  I do one-on-one teaching so I’m really hands-on.  I teach the techniques, but above all, I would like to impart insights from my professional experience like connecting with people, negotiating with club owners, discipline and motivation.  For some, computers have taken over personal skills, which I don’t really favour.  Music is heart and soul, so it should come from the person and not from the machine.  Investing in knowledge is the key if one wants to grow and evolve; it’s not always about equipment and techniques.

For those here in Switzerland, who want to take lessons from me on honing your DJ-ing skills,  you may get in touch with me at DJ@Miss-Diamond.DJ or visit

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  1. Love the fact that you make time for your passion! that is awesome!