Thursday, 12 January 2012

Proud to be a DJane!  Experiences and Realizations from Doha, Qatar

Hello everyone!  I am still in very high spirits as I write this.  I’ve still got a new year hangover from my one of my latest gigs -- a New Year’s Eve party at the Crystal Lounge, at the W Hotel in Doha, Qatar.  Saying that it was a blast, is quite an understatement.  I was feeding those party people from Qatar infectious and mind-blowing music, but they reciprocated back with such oozing, vibrant energy that still flows inside of me to this day!  I just couldn’t shake it off! 

Well,  when I first got this invitation, my first reaction was -- ‘seriously, they want a woman dj to play in a country in the Middle East?!’  I’ve never been to Qatar before, so I did my homework.  I did some research in the internet so as to give me an idea on how I would make myself blend-in to their culture that is known to be religious, conservative, and protective of women.

Setting foot on Qatar, I can say,  is like seeing two separate worlds unfolding right before my very eyes.  On one end, the traditional local culture is so solid, yet I am also gravitated towards the grandeur and the luxury of the modern world as well.  Yes, they have the best of both worlds, so to speak.  In coming up with my playlist, I felt  kinda lost at first because I didn’t know what the crowd’s preferences in music were.  I just counted on my instincts, and started spinning songs ranging from tribal, electronica, and more commercial dance music.  And at the strike of midnight, that’s when the crowd started partyin’!  From midnight til about 2:30 am, it was non-stop dancing, jumping, and grooving.  I was definitely moved by the vibe and the energy.  What I loved about the crowd was they were so expressive and appreciative of me on how they loved the music, how I made them feel good about the songs that moved them to let their hair down and dance.

This experience of mine made me step back and look at my profession from the perspective that women DJs like me or ‘DJanes’, are just but a tiny speck compared to the male DJs who lord over this industry or profession.  At times,  I have my apprehensions and insecurities of measuring up to expectations or preconceptions.  But my experience in Qatar taught me how to be more confident in myself, in what I am capable of doing.  For a Middle East country that has very traditional and conservative views regarding women, and the mere fact that they entrusted what is predominantly ‘a man’s job’ to me --a woman, I figured I must be doing something right and something good.  In a way, I am proud of myself because in my own humble way, I’m a catalyst of change.  I realized that DJing is not about a battle of the sexes.  It’s about building your own power from within, giving your best, honing your craft, connecting with people through great music, good vibes, and pure energy.

As they say, pictures speak a thousand words.  My words really are not enough to express and illustrate the vibrant and amazing night ushering in the new year 2012 at the Crystal Lounge, W Hotel in Doha, Qatar.  Check out the photos from my Facebook page: Crystal Lounge @ W Hotel in Doha, Qatar photo album

And who said pictures are enough?  Now get a piece of the action by dowloading my latest set mix, made especially for this gig at the Crystal Lounge:  Finest new years mix @ W Doha crystal lounge - Miss Diamond DJ

And now, go for the real thing at catch me in my upcoming gigs:

January 13, Friday 10:00pm 

Friday, January 20 at 9:00pm

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