Saturday, 9 June 2012


Hey Soldier! Last Night, A DJane Saved My Life…

First of all, my apologies for not being able to post on this blog for quite some time. Again, my profession as a DJ has taken me to another part of the globe, which I shall share to you as you read on… I’m sorry if I kept you waiting, but just sit tight because I’ll fill you in on my most recent adventure…

31st March 2012: I was at Brandon, a small town in the English county of Suffolk, England. It is still considered a rural town with a little more than 8,000 population. Perhaps in the back of your minds, you’re wondering – ‘is there a dance club in that small town?’ Well, yes, but not quite. Within that small town is a village called Lakenheath, which hosts the largest US Air Force base in the United Kingdom. And there I was, a Djane tasked to play music inside the US military base. Say whut???!! I couldn’t believe it myself either. It felt like a tall order. My audience was not your typical club night owls. They are soldiers. How could I make these men in uniform dance the night away? Extra challenge indeed.

Entering the military facility was quite a stark contrast to it’s rural locale. There was this city within the base that walked, talked, and breathed all-American. Perhaps this is what they say about stepping inside a twilight zone; it was a completely different world inside. It was like Las Vegas, New York, and California all rolled into one. And as I was brought to the club where I’m supposed to play --- I felt my eyes lit up. Ultra-hip and modern from the interiors down to the DJ equipment and facilities. When my gig started, with majority of solidiers, along with their family members walking-in, I already had a sense of what type of music to play…oh yeah, who could go wrong with hip-hop music with a crowd like this?! And as the party closed at 2 AM, I was greeted by well wishers who said that they never seen these soldiers dance like this before.

These soldiers put their lives on the line for the love of country, the security of fellowmen. As a DJane that night, I felt that I owe these men and women a night to celebrate life -- the lives that they are willing to give up in order to save others. A DJane like me may not be able to literally save lives, but I hope the music that I played gave these soldiers a reason to savor the joy of life…

With this I can proudly say, mission accomplished!

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