Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Miss Diamond DJ Presents: Tips and Tricks to Have A Great Club Night [Infographic]

There are those days when everything seems to go wrong, doesn't it?  It happens in all sorts of situations not only at work, but also during night outs when all you really want is to relax, unwind, and have fun.  Going clubbing with friends is no exception.  All week long, you were looking forward and pumped-up with excitement to have a great weekend night out at the club, then at an unexpected whim, disaster strikes!  What could have gone wrong?

I'm sure you've encountered even very petty situations that ruined the rest of the evening for you.  You got lost on the way to club...You could not find a parking space...The line going inside the club was just horrendously long...You got into an argument with the bouncer...The music did not match your style and taste....and so on -- these horror stories are just endless!  Now how can you nip clubbing disasters in the bud?

Here are Tips and Tricks to Have A Great Club Night [Infographic] :

Saturday, 1 June 2013

My Dream Gig Travel Destinations

One of the perks and opportunities that I enjoy most as a DJ is the opportunity to travel.  Yes, I’ve been in different parts of the globe, but there’s so much more to explore. For a DJ, there are multifarious benefits of being able to travel.  Of course, the primary objective is work-play ---yes, my work is to play music, right? :-)  But I’m not the plug-and-play kind of DJ.  I try t absorb and immerse myself into the culture and audience of the country where I’m playing, and I make it a point to build a connection.  This is what make my travel gigs truly meaningful.  

Well,  I’m raring to get out there anytime soon...So I’d like to share with you my travel wishlist.

Here are my Top 5 Dream Gig Destinations:

1.  The Pacha:  
Yes, I’d like to be able to bite and let my tongue roll with those ‘two-cherries’ (the logo of Pacha).  I consider The Pacha a DJ’s playground and a party goer’s paradise.  The Pacha clubs are located in different parts of the world where people live and breathe to party.  Amazing is an understatement.  The Pacha ranked 3rd among the 100 best nightclubs in the world, in a poll conducted by DJ Magazine.  I love to feel the vibe, take my DJ skills to the next level, and network with people.  The Pacha is indeed the place to be!

2.  India:  

In my many different gigs in different countries, Indian nationals never fail to show up.  I think they’re everywhere!  I love their vibrance and energy for music and dancing.  They’re very responsive, especially if Indian music is infused with electronic music, they go wild!  I think there’s never a dull party in India, and I’d love to be part of that!

3.  Australia:  

When you’re down, there’s no way to go but up!  Australia’s music scene has always scaled new heights all over the globe.The Land Down under has got their own electronic music culture and happenings goin’ on down there, I wanna be a part of it too!

4.  Tokyo, Japan:  

With all the high-tech lights, effects, and of above all, their pulsating electronic music scene --- are the things that fascinate me about Tokyo.  I am really intrigued at how they manage to marry the Japanese-Asian music flavor with their ultra-modern technology and lifestyle.  I’m hearing and reading so much about one of their premiere party clubs -- the Muse.  It would really be great to be able to play there one day.

5.  Africa: 

I think my distinctive music style lies in my use of percussions; percussion defines my sound.  Africa is known for their percussive beats and rhythms.  Yes, this place would be a haven for my music.  I’m fascinated and excited with the thought of having a nice exchange and fusion of electronic and percussion.

One of the biggest challenges of being a DJ and playing in a different country or a culture that’s different from my culture is being able to pick the sound and unleash the party energy out of the audience.  How do I please them without compromising my own music style?  I imagine myself cooking up and preparing a salad  -- a big music salad.  I pick-up different tastes, flavors, and textures, then add my own special dressing, and then I just mix, spin, and whip it up!  

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Journey From Sound to Music

My sincere apologies to everyone that it took me quite a long while to finally sit down and write a new blog entry.  Yes, I took that much needed break.  I may have kept myself out of the limelight--i.e. from performing onstage, but that didn’t mean I stopped spinning and producing music.  Of course, I’ve had my moments for some r&r, but nothing can keep me away from my music.

This was one of the very few and rare moments that I totally devoted myself and spent most of my time doing studio work, and dabbled on DJ-teaching in between.  With the guidance of one of my mentors, Jampietri, who became my partner-collaborator in the studio,  I can say, that I focused and immersed myself into the intricate yet fascinating world of music production.

Don’t get me wrong; of course I really missed the vibrance and the adrenaline of performing onstage, and resonating with the energy of the crowd.  But I’m grateful that I have been given this time to experience and appreciate a whole new world that is away from the flashing lights.  

So what did I learn from this experience?  You need to start and look from within.  Studio work has given me the atmosphere and the mood to create.  Yet, at the end of the day, it’s still just sound.  Great music happens once you take that sound and share it, for the world to hear....

Now with gratitude in my heart, I’d like to share my music.  Check out my latest production As Long As You Say - Miss Diamond DJ feat. Jampietri , which you may be able to download for FREE from my Soundcloud account:  And feel free to browse and give my other mixes a spin!

As I mentioned earlier, I do hold DJ classes, yet for those of you who really want to take your skills to a higher level, I am also at the helm of presenting the International DJ Academy.  For those interested, visit the website: , for more details.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Exodos Magazine interviews Miss Diamond DJ

Exodos Magazine have done an nice interview with me, check it out!!

Thanks Exodos!! :-)